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Patrick Thomas Hand is a third-generation lawyer who has practiced since 1984,  Mr. Hand has made his mark as a trial lawyer, as a fiduciary, and as an appellate advocate.  In testament to his skill and adherence to the highest ethical standards, Mr. Hand is rated "AV" by Martindale-Hubbell, its highest rating,  Moreover, he is included in "Super Lawyers" for the District of Columbia.  Today, Mr. Hand provides legal services in Orange, Virginia and surrounding counties, and throughout the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan area.  He also is available nationwide to serve as a private trustee to assist families in assuring the continuing care for loved ones who have challenges. 



Mr. Hand is a general practitioner who is highly experienced in Estates and Trust, Criminal Law, and Civil Litigation.  As an Estates and Trusts attorney, he drafts Wills and other estate planning documents, assists Clients in opening and administering the estates of loved ones who have passed away, prosecutes and defends Will Contests, and manages trusts.  Mr. Hand is an accomplished Mental Health lawyer, representing individuals who are the subject of civil commitment proceedings, as well as the families of mentally ill persons who are in need of involuntary treatment.   Mr. Hand is an experienced and successful litigator who has won jury trials in all four divisions of the District of Columbia Superior Court (Civil, Criminal, Probate, and Family.  He is a skilled appellate advocate who has argued before the District of Columbia Court of Appeals more than 25 times.  

Published opinions in cases in which Mr. Hand has served as counsel include: Smith v. United States, 984 A.2d 196 (2009); Williams v. United States, 927 A.2d 1064 (2007); Hurley v. Heilig, 28 F.Supp 2d 33 (D.D.C. 1998); Phillips v. District of Columbia, 714 A.2d 768 (D.C. 1998); W.C. & A.N Miller v. United States, 173 F.R.D. 1 (D.D.C 1997);  Patterson v. United States, 650 A.2d 673 (D.C. 1994); Nevarez v. Nevarez, 626 A.2d 867 (D.C. 1993); and United States v. Bethancurt, 692 F.Supp 1427 (D.D.C. 1988).


Mr. Hand advises Clients on all areas of the law (and refers Clients to a specialist when required).  He will be happy to talk to you about your legal concerns.    




A family with a loved one with special needs may require the service of an independent trustee, if there is no family member available or willing to handle the individual's financial and personal affairs. Too often, the court ends up supervising the affairs of the loved one. The family may have been unable to agree on the member who should take care of the person. Or the loved one may have substance abuse or emotional problems that makes family members fearful of getting involved.

When the court supervises a trust, conservatorship or guardianship, thousands of dollars and many hours of time must be expended by
family members. This result can be avoided by setting up a private trust to oversee the financial and personal needs of the family member.

Mr. Hand has more than 30 years experience in taking care of the financial and personal needs of more than 200 individuals. Most of these services have been provided through the Probate Division of the District of Columbia Superior Court. However, Mr. Hand also has served as a private trustee at the request of a family member, throughout the United States. He has managed many millions of dollars in assets as a fiduciary, without a single complaint, and has been bonded by numerous surety companies.  Additionally, Mr. Hand has partnered with licensed care providers to assure that the personal needs of beneficiaries are provided.

Where no family member is available (or willing) to serve as trustee of a family trust, Mr. Hand is ready to provide effective and economical services.



Mr. Hand is admitted to practice in Virginia, the District of Columbia, Maryland, and New York.  He is a member of the Bar of the United States Supreme Court and numerous federal courts.




Mr. Hand negotiates fees based on the subject matter, the complexity of the representation, and his client's financial needs.  He is happy to discuss a matter over the phone, at no charge, to ascertain whether he is the right attorney for the client.




Patrick Hand has written extensively on legal topics.  His published works include: 


"For D.C.'s Mentally Ill, a Legal Right to Suffer?"  The Washington Post, August 19, 2011.

"Bleaching a Verdict", Washington City Paper, August 13, 2004.

"The Probate Process from Start to Finish in Washington, D.C." (co-author with Phyllis J. Dobin), NBI, Inc. 2000.

"Senior Status", The Washington Lawyer, July/August 1993.

"Gratuitous Lawyer-Bashing", The Washington Post, May 2, 1992.


Mr. Hand also has lectured on Probate and Mental Health issues, and has been interviewed by NBC'S Today Show, WTOP-AM, and WOL-AM.






Mr. Hand is a 1983 graduate of Fordham University School of Law in New York, N.Y., where he was an Editor of the Fordham Urban Law Journal.  In 1980, he was awarded a Bachelor of Arts degree, with Honors, from the Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C.


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